Raindrop Technique

Focusing on the back, neck and reflex points of the feet this ancient Tibetan version of reflexology and massage techniques are used to give you the opportunity to sink into a deep state of relaxation and inner connection. Performed in silence, you slowly drift off to sleep aided by the relaxing effects of the essential oils which are applied up your spine and to your tired muscles. These oils are then “feathered in” using a spine-tingling technique inspired by the Native Americans, combined with massage. You can’t get more pampered than this!

Our oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils free from chemical adulterations. Because of the penetrating abilities of the essential oils it is possible during the first few raindrop techniques to experience a mild to moderate detox response.

About Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique is an exciting new modality, which can be performed on both people and animals. In addition to being performed as a technique in its own right, the various elements of Raindrop Technique can be used to complement most other modalities, including massage (all forms), reflexology, bowen technique, shiatsu, chiropractic and physiotherapy.

Raindrop Technique derives its name from the art of dripping unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils onto the body from a height (like rain), so that the oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field. This was inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force.

Raindrop Technique was developed by essential oil researcher and naturopath D. Gary Young due to research showing that many forms of spinal misalignment are caused by muscle spasms and inflammation-producing bacteria and viruses that reside along the spine.

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